Frequently Asked Questions

How will this increase my chances of getting a patent?

When you file for a patent, it is best to show documentation. This helps with proof of creation. In other words, it shows that you had the original thought and design of the product you are seeking a patent for.

Are you PCI compliant?

Yes, all data is secure and complies with the required security protocols.

Is there a time limit on my journal?

There is no limit to how long you can work on your journal.

What happens to my data once I request my journal?

After you confirm you received your journal, we will delete your data.

Will I be able to request a copy of my journal after I confirm I received it?

No, once you confirm that you received your journal via email, it will be deleted and no longer available.

Why is digital better than a notebook?

With a digital journal, you are less likely to have some type of damage to your information, causing you to lose all your hard work.  In addition to having a secure place to store your data, you also, can work on it whenever an idea strikes with the device at your fingertips.

Who do I contact if I need support?

Please contact us on our contact page for additional support.

How do I make a payment?

You can use PayPal or Stripe to make a payment.

Can I cancel anytime?

Yes,you may cancel anytime.

Will my payments pull automatically?

Yes, both PayPal and Stripe will have an option for you to select so you can have reoccurring payments.

If I decide I want more journals can I upgrade my account?

Absolutely we make this process easy. A button on your dashboard will allow you to upgrade your account.

What happens to my journal after I close my account?

Once you have completed your journal and downloaded the final product, your information is scrubbed from our servers within 24 hours.

What if I forget my password?

You can create a new one by selecting, forgot my password.

Can I take my idea from a collaboration to a solo idea?

You would have to create a separate account. As far as the details of legalities, you would have to consult an attorney.

Can my attorney request a copy of my journal?

The journal process is sensitive. Therefore, your information will only be accessible by you. Once you receive the information you are free to send it to whomever you would like.

How do I set up an account?

Enter your name and email address, select the journal packet that best suits your needs, set up your payments, then begin creating your journal.

Why do I have to answer these questions?

The USPTO requires these questions to be addressed to the best of your ability, to determine whether the idea is patentable.

Do I have to upload an illustration?

No, it is not required that you upload illustrations. However, it does help to create illustrations of your idea to help achieve your patent.

Can the journal be changed after I print it?

No, the original journal is what you must use. If you notice there is something you want to change, you will have to start another journal. Please double or triple check your work prior to submitting.

Do the illustrations have to be professional?

No, personal hand drawings will suffice. However, it may help if you are not experienced with illustrations.

Do I have to label my illustrations?

Yes, this provides a clear understanding of each illustration; and how it pertains to your idea.