Addendum Feature:

Our site provides users the ability to create addendums to their work. Creating an addendum will strike out portions of your Journal which you feel need correction. Doing so will create an indicator on the page which alerts the reader that an added is attached for further clarification.  This format is important because the Patent Office does not allow for journals to be altered without an indication and authorization.


Upon completion you will have the ability to download an un-editable digital version of your Journal.  This Journal will consist of your entries in a timeline format with date and time stamps, ready for your patent application process.

Attorney Assistance:

You have the option to take your journal to a patent attorney of your choosing. However, for your convenience, we also provide recommendations for attorney assistance on our affiliates page (Attorneys pay into our affiliates program. These Attorneys are not vetted by Digital Inventors Journal; therefore, Digital Inventors Journal does not guarantee the outcome of your patent process.)


It is crucial that your Journal entries are time and date stamped for your ideas protection. We provide our users with a timeline tool to make reviewing these entries easier and more accessible. This tool will give you an overview of your entries which you can use to help track your progress.

Adding Collaborators:

We offer our users the ability to add collaborators to their journaling process through our team function.  This feature will allow others to access your journal by letting you add as many collaborators as you like. Simply click “add team member” and you’re on your way! *Additional fees may apply. Once they are part of your team they will have access to your journal to help with your process. As the primary user, you will have the ability to set restrictions such as read-only or read and write abilities.