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Ideas happen at the most inconvenient of times and at the strangest of places. When that lighting strikes and the solution you’ve been searching for hits, you now have the perfect companion to keep the momentum flowing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? We have got the best answers for you.

  • Why should I use a digital journal?

    You are less likely to lose or misplace your phone or computer. Whereas a traditional paper notebook can not only be misplaced but stolen or even have water damage due to spills, causing you to restart your paper notebook all over and if the damage causes it to become unreadable, you have to try and remember, dates, time, idea, and where you where and the people you spoke with.

  • What will happen to my journal if I cancel my subscription?

    You will be given three days to request a PDF file of your journal. If you do not send a request within those three days, we will no longer store your information and delete it from our site.

  • What do I do when I am ready to file for a patent?

    When you are ready to file for a patent you will have two options, you can file the patent on your own, in which case we will send you a PDF file via email of your journal for you to use. The other option, we can send your journal to a patent attorney of your choice and send them a PDF file via email.

  • Is my information safe?

    Yes, we currently have an SSL Certificate to secure the site and are PCI compliant to secure your payment data.

  • Why is Digital better than a notebook?

    You almost always have some type of electronic device with you. How often do you have a pen and notebook with you? Having the ability to store your idea as you think of it, is an important part of inventing.

  • Can anyone see my notes?

    The information you enter into your journal is only accessible to you and or if you have additional users you are collaborating with on your idea. Your information is secure.

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